PlayStation 5: real image shows the true size of the console


After long months of waiting and speculation, Sony finally revealed the design of the PlayStation 5. Unravelling this mystery, it wasn’t long before many people tried to unravel the dimensions of the console.

This doubt that has plagued many people may have finally been resolved. All thanks to a photo that appears to have been taken at one of the PlayStation 5 production plants.

PlayStation 5 is the biggest console ever made by Sony

Everything points to that being the first real unit of the console to be documented in this way. And judging from what we see in the image, PlayStation 5 will be great.

Looking at this image, it is clear that the PlayStation 5 will not fit under any television, at least vertically. I believe that if you look at this photo you can already get a sense of whether it will fit on your furniture or not.

The good part is that images have already appeared that suggest that the console can be laid down. Even so, the new Sony console will need a good deal of space to be properly packaged.

Is this image real or not?

This is the question that has been raised in many places after the appearance of the image. Many people have their doubts regarding the veracity of this photograph.

For this reason, many have already done some more technical analysis of the image to try to understand its veracity or not. However, the results obtained by several sources are not sufficiently illuminating.

In this sense, the level of credibility that you attribute to the supposed first real image of the PlayStation 5 is up to you. Now that your design is presented, it is not surprising that real images of the console begin to appear.