Is it possible to know who visits my profile on Facebook?


If you come across an app through the PlayStore or the AppStore, you just need to read the user comments to realize what it is

Facebook has positioned itself as one of the most important social networks today, offering an abundant community and an excellent platform for its users, which is simple and intuitive to use. However, there are functions that the application does not normally provide, such as knowing who visits our profile.

Although all kinds of programs, extensions, or tutorials have been promoted to discover visitors, the truth is that they are only scams from malicious users seeking to take advantage of the curiosity and naivety of low users and to steal personal information.

Keep in mind that offering access to these applications or extensions may leave your security vulnerable.

How to know who visits your Facebook profile

Currently, there are no pages that allow you to see who visits your Facebook profile, some are paid. If you come across an application that promises to give you information about the people who have visited your Facebook profile, try to investigate it thoroughly. Do not fall into the first because your mobile device would end up full of malware and viruses, a situation that would put your personal information at risk.

In fact, many of the extensions and apps that exist with that promise do everything but that. By confirming all the permissions, this type of development accesses your private information and, in the worst case, your data could be part of the sale on the black market.

If you come across an app through the PlayStore or the AppStore, all you have to do is read the user comments to realize that this is a joke.