Kingdom Hearts Dark Road is now available available on smartphones


KINGDOM HEARTS Dark Road is available for iOS and Android.

Square Enix has announced via Twitter the official launch of Kingdom Hearts Dark Road, the adventure will focus on Xenahort, and it is now available for free on mobile devices.

Kingdom Hearts Dark Road will be everything!

The epic mobile adventure delivers players a chapter from the beginning of the KINGDOM HEARTS series, following a mysterious teenage Xehanort on his way to becoming the Seeker of Darkness.

With an easy-to-learn card-based game system optimized for touch controls on mobile devices. Alongside Teen Xehanort, a young Master Eraqus, and a cast of new Keyblade bearers, players will travel through familiar Disney worlds to defeat the Heartless and uncover the mysteries that engulf Xehanort’s past.

Plus, enjoy Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory

Square Enix and Disney announced the upcoming arrival of Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory, an engaging musical journey with over 140 memorable Disney songs, worlds, and characters, coming to all consoles later this year. Learn more by clicking here.

KINGDOM HEARTS Dark Road available for iOS and Android.