Spotify will allow you to watch music videos in your application


Hacker Jane Wong revealed the plans of the music streaming platform

Spotify is a music streaming platform that has sought to implement music videos.

Hacker Jane Wong, a technology specialist, has leaked Spotify’s future plans with a tweet, showing that Spotify engineers are experimenting with a new “Video” tab that would be visible on the screen where the music is playing.

This option would be located right next to Album Art and Canvas. Although at the moment the tab has nothing, only the message “Thank you for your interest in the video.” We are still exploring what could happen here. Apparently, what could happen is that music videos appear here.

Spotify plans to create an interface with different tabs for the “Now Playing” screen that will allow different options for the content displayed on that screen. 

The Spotify option that displays videos is called “Canvas”. Although this is not a full music video clip, just an animated and looped sample provided by the artist. In current applications, it can be viewed by touching the album art, if it does not automatically play.

Spotify has integrated video content in the past, but currently, that content is hard to find or completely non-existent for most songs and albums.