Xbox closes Mixer and refers its players to Twitch and Facebook Gaming


Despite the great efforts and disbursements of Microsoft, or the great signings of «Faze Ewok», «King Gothalion», »Shroud» or «Ninja» for Mixer, it seems that the success of its game streaming platform has not been so much  As expected, this latest streamer’s channel went from 14.7 million followers on Twitch to just over 3 million followers on Mixer.

Figures that have led Xbox to decide to close its live broadcast service almost immediately, completely abandoning its support and access as of July 22. As Phil Spencer himself explained in an Xbox Wire post: “ It has become apparent that the time it took to grow our own live streaming community and scale was out of proportion with the vision and experiences we want to offer to the players now «.

Thus, from Mixer they are preparing a massive migration of their community of players to the Facebook Gaming platform, announcing the next redirection of their sites and applications once their service is closed. Mind you, streamers currently participating in the Mixer monetization program will be eligible, but will not automatically enroll in the Facebook program.

Similarly, Microsoft has already announced that Mixer users who have invested time or money in its platform will receive an Xbox digital gift card of a “similar value” when this community finally closes, so these credits should appear on users’ Xbox accounts before July 31.

However, according to the information and FAQ that we can currently find on the Microsoft website, Xbox One users are being referred to use the Twitch application. And it seems that Facebook Gaming would not only not be ready to encompass all the current Mixer streamers, but would not have full compatibility for the players of this console.

Beyond the application integrated into Xbox One itself, the company even encourages the use of this and other platforms when broadcasting its console through a computer: « You can continue to stream your game from Xbox One using the Twitch application or connecting to a PC and transmitting through software such as OBS or XSplit «.

It never ceases to amaze us however that Microsoft abandoned and closed its streaming platform so close to the launch of the new Xbox Series X, and given its increasingly present strategy of creating its own gaming ecosystem. A twist that, as Phil Spencer again clarifies, is the most natural step: « The game is already part of our social fabric, and Project xCloud can take you to talk about a new game (be it a fun moment published by a friend, an ad or streaming) to directly play it […] In the future, through the power of Xbox Live and Project xCloud, we see that there is only one click between ‘I am watching’ and ‘I am playing’ «.