Some users can already see the animated WhatsApp stickers


WhatsApp is finally starting to expand the display of animated stickers for all users.

It seems like a lie, but after a long time of waiting, finally, the animated stickers of WhatsApp are beginning to reach some users.

WhatsApp, beyond acting as an instant messaging application, hides some incredible functions that not many use, and that could even be of great help to optimize communication.

In addition to that, the platform is constantly updated to add useful news to users. More and more interactive resources are available to app members to communicate and express themselves in the best way.

We already have emojis, GIFs, static stickers and even the possibility of playing YouTube or Netflix content through WhatsApp. However, one of the most anticipated updates is, without a doubt, the arrival of animated stickers.

Animated stickers are already very common in other applications such as Telegram and have become the successors of emojis, allowing more funny and funny reactions to be sent.

The interesting thing about stickers is the possibility of discovering and sharing thematic packages and with the animated ones it would not be the exception, indicates Unocero.

According to WABetaInfo, a portal that has credibility when it comes to new features, users of WhatsApp beta versions are already able to see stickers with movement in their conversations.

Everything seems to indicate that, in this way, the first step would be completed to fully support this functionality. Until now, only a few users had access to animated stickers as part of the testing program.

However, even if an animated sticker message was received, it was not possible to see it, but that is about to change.

With the release of version beta of the Android app and version beta of the iOS app, it is now possible to see animated stickers on WhatsApp.

It is not highly recommended to use beta versions of the app only for animated stickers, as they are currently very limited and would only be useful if other contacts already have them. Furthermore, it is only possible to see them.