Sony will pay more than 50 thousand dollars to those who find errors on PlayStation 4


If you think you’ve found a way to constantly block someone’s PS4 or make them run code they shouldn’t. Sony could reward a large sum for this knowledge.

Sony announced that it will open its bug bounty program to the public, and will pay those who discover recent bugs and exploits affecting their PlayStation 4 console or their PlayStation Network online.

Sony is pretty explicit about what kind of bugs they’re looking for: anything that hits “the PlayStation 4 system, operating system, accessories” in its current or beta form, or affects any of the few PlayStation Network/API domains. Meanwhile, tactics like social engineering of Sony employees or DDoSing of its servers are not allowed.

Bugs found on PlayStation Network will have basic rewards of $ 100- $ 3,000 or more (depending on severity), while critical bugs found related to the PS4 itself will pay $ 50,000 or more. You can see Sony’s breakdown, including what’s inside or outside the scope of the program, right here.

In a blog post announcing the bug bounty program, Sony notes that they have actually been running this program quietly with a handful of researchers for a while now; today, however, they are opening it up to anyone with skill and interest. The HackerOne program page says Sony has already paid researchers over $ 170,000, with an average reward of around $ 400.

“To date, we have been conducting this program privately with certain researchers. We recognize how important the community is in matters of improving our security, so we are excited to expand this program to a broader audience, ”Geoff Norton, Senior Director of Software Engineering, said in a post posted on the PlayStation blog.

Microsoft launched a similar bug bounty program for Xbox Live earlier this year.