Pokémon Unite, the first MOBA of the franchise will come to Android and iOS


Pokémon Unite to offer five-on-five multiplayer games

This week’s Pokemon Presents live stream introduced a one-time ad targeting the entire occasion. The Pokemon Firm introduced a new sport known as Pokemon Unite. The MOBA genre is being developed in cooperation with Tencent and Timi Studios, which was responsible for the Name of Obligation Cell and Environment of Valor.

Unite is likely to be free on Nintendo Swap and iOS / Android devices and can help play across multiple platforms. It doesn’t have a release date at the moment, but we did get a long look at the game between two groups of celebrities, builders, and followers. It appears to be a simpler, more accessible style to address the style and should be the right entry-level for newcomers to the MOBA genre.

How battles work

Like most games in the MOBA genre, Pokémon Unite works in a 5-player system against five others, who face each other on a map divided into halves. Throughout the game the teams will have to face each other and cope, manage the elements of their environment, and of course objects, to finally reach the objective that will lead them to victory.

The games take place in real-time and as the battles progress, your Pokémon will receive an experience that allows it to be stronger, with more powerful abilities that are crucial to achieving victory.

Number of generations of Pokémon

During the live the following pokemon could be confirmed, mainly highlighting Pikachu, Snorlax, Charizard, and Lucario. Once in the game, it was shown that some were capable of evolving as was the case with Squirtle, which went on to transform into Wartortle and later became Blastoise.

Although it was not the case of Pikachu, who did not evolve to Raichu.