Google will delete browsing history automatically


Automatic deletion will run for a specific group of users from now on and every 18 months.

Google is in a constant state of updating to provide a better experience for its users, and since it collects a huge amount of personal information in the navigation history of Google Chrome, YouTube or the location history in Maps, this information helps a More personalized and optimized browsing experience based on the interests of each user.

However, with all of this information, you can pose a privacy and security risk.

The company announced this week that it will erase the history of new users after 18 months, continuously, by default.

Last year, Google started allowing users to automatically delete their history after 3-18 months, but this was not enabled by default. Instead, they had to choose an option of automatic deletion or manual deletion of their history. Existing users can now see reminders that they can use this feature, but the company will not change its settings.

The information stored in the browsing history is used to offer video suggestions on YouTube, but now it will not compromise the information about the user’s life. Although it does not remain, it is specified how long the data could be kept, instead of having only the two options of 3 or 18 months, but this measure is a step in the right direction.