The Last of Us 2 sells 4 million copies


The Naughty Dog sequel becomes the best-selling PS4 exclusive in the first three days

Sony announced earlier today that the Naughty Dog sequel has managed to sell over 4 million copies in its first three days on sale.

That makes the Naughty Dog sequel the first-ever best-selling PlayStation 4 exclusive to date, beating earlier holders of that title, God of War (3.1 million sold in three days), and Spider-Man (3.3 million in three days).

Over the weekend, he also claimed the title of Sony’s best-selling PS4 game in the UK although that distinction was snatched from 2016’s Uncharted 4.

The Last of Us Part 2 had set its launch date for May 29, however, the situation generated by COVID-19 forced the company to slow down the launch process, returning the money from digital pre-orders.

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