Metal Slug returns with an amazing trailer

SNK revives the classic arcade game with a new mobile title

Metal Slug was one of the most emblematic titles of the arcade times, those recreational centers where you could find all kinds of machines in video games and thousands of young people from all over the world. NeoGeo is the studio behind this cool graphics shoot ’em up that amazed everyone with its action, fun, humor, and extremely addictive gameplay that made more than one coin spend more than one coin.

The return of Metal Slug

Times have changed and although the Metal Slug saga has released some titles on the market it has not been the same and it has not given much to talk about until the arrival of the new NeoGeo project. After many years of conversions and emulations, the game returns with a new installment in the form of a three-dimensional remake that maintains the essence of always with graphics and effects that are more in line with the times and platforms of today.

As a result, Metal Slug Code: J has arrived, which was developed by TiMi Studios and still preserves the essence of the franchise in all its senses, but now with the peculiarity that it will reach mobile devices.

Everything in Metal Slug Code: J has improved, from its fantastic levels and its fluid animation, its charismatic characters, and its epic soundtrack have returned, but with a more modern visual aspect.

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