They create a mask that syncs with your smartphone


In Japan, they have created a protection mask that integrates with your smartphone during this Coronavirus pandemic.

At first, there was a tough controversy surrounding them but now it seems to be a generally agreed reality: face masks are an important protection accessory against Coronavirus Covid-19.

In Japan and much of Asia, unlike Latin America, they have become an everyday element in the routine of all those who have to go out.

In this context, the crazy Japanese people at Donut Robotics have created the C-Mask, an intelligent face mask that synchronizes via Bluetooth to your smartphone.

One would think that this work is completely idle, but in reality, it is cunning. Since the accessory becomes a language translator. That he can receive messages in Japanese to transfer them to eight different languages, indicates Fayer Wayer.

“We worked hard for years to develop a robot and have used that technology to create a product that responds to how the coronavirus has reshaped society.”

These are the words of Taisuke Ono, CEO of Donut Robotics, who confesses that his creation has originated first of all as an alternative to keep his company afloat. Taking advantage of what they had already developed.

The C-Mask can transcribe the user’s speech into text messages, make calls, and especially amplify the voice of the mask user using an integrated speaker.

Its price is close to USD $40. The first 5,000 units have already been sold. And maybe just a matter of time before you see them.