Transfer all your music from Google Play Music and YouTube Music


The function is now available to users in Mexico.

Google Play Music users can now easily switch their accounts to YouTube Music with just one click. Once the transfer is complete, you can use any of the apps to continue your listening experience or switch to YouTube Music.

Your Google Play Music library, which includes:

  • Your songs loaded and bought
  • Your playlists and many stations
  • Albums and songs in your library
  • Your likes and dislikes (songs you have approved or rejected)
  • Your billing information for your subscription if you are a current Google Play Music subscriber
  • We will convert your Google Play Music subscription to the equivalent level of YouTube Music Premium or YouTube Premium (depending on the level of benefits with your current subscription). Your monthly billing price and benefits will remain the same unless you are in a location with fluctuating currencies.

With an updated profile that will give you personalized recommendations on YouTube Music based on their music history, likes, and dislikes from Google Play Music.

With the following video we will show you how to transfer your digital library from Google Play Music to YouTube Music:

After completing this transfer, you will still have access to your Google Play Music account – included at no additional cost with a subscription to YouTube Music Premium or YouTube Premium. If you currently have a free Google Play Music account, you will also continue to have the same access after your transfer.