Fortnite exits Early Access with ‘Save the World’ changes


If you were wondering why the legend “beta” or “early Access” appeared on your devices, this will no longer be the case.

Epic Games has announced that it will remove the “Early Access” tag from all Fortnite game mode loading screens and officially launch its PvE Save the World mode.

In a Fortnite developers blog post, the team said they would also keep their Save the World mode as a premium experience instead of switching it to free-to-play as originally planned: Battle Royale free-to-play mode. play will make it stay free.

Additionally, Epic will slow down the development of Save the World after what it considers to be the official launch of the game, and in the coming months, it will stop supporting future Battle Royale mode cosmetic purchases in Save the World, though previous purchases will continue to function as it did. do now.

Finally, Epic stated that all paid “Founders” in Save the World mode will have their updated Founder’s Packs and receive top-level rewards, while Ultimate Edition owners will receive a new cosmetic pack in addition to existing rewards, approximately $ 8 Dollars.