YouTube is no longer compatible with the Wii U browser


Now, if you try to upload a YouTube video in the Wii U browser, you will only be received by a blank page.

According to multiple sources, YouTube is no longer compatible with the system’s Internet browser. For many users, this was the preferred way to watch YouTube videos on the system.

Now if you try to upload a video to YouTube within the Wii U browser you will be presented with some blank boxes. This is how a user on the Wii U subreddit described his own experience:

I tried to use the YouTube browser to watch some videos today, because as everyone knows, the YouTube app on Wii is terrible. When you try to enter, a message will appear informing you that the page cannot be loaded and if you try to enter from the web, only gray boxes and white folds will appear on the screen.

Of course, the Wii U YouTube app is still running, so you can always turn to that if you want to continue watching funny cat videos and don’t have access to any other YouTube-compatible devices.