DOOM Eternal for Switch: date to be shared “very soon”

The date of DOOM Eternal for Switch will be announced shortly. 

DOOM Eternal has become one of the best games of 2020. A shooter that has taken the mechanics introduced in the 2016 reboot to the extreme, and which in March reached all platforms except Nintendo Switch.

The DOOM Eternal port for the Nintendo Switch is in charge of Panic Button, and its release date has been delayed to polish some details.

DOOM Eternal for Switch hasn’t had a release date, but executive producer Marty Stratton talked about its release date, “We will announce the release date pretty soon. But I can’t do it now.”

He also praised the state of the version and the work of Panic Button. “DOOM 2016 on Switch was a bit of an experiment, because of the type of game, its audience for the elderly, that it is a first-person shooter. It was fantastic to work on the platform, and I think we will take it one step further with DOOM Eternal because we’ve established it as something that really works on Switch. ”

“We certainly are not putting it down at all. People can expect the full experience.”