Minecraft will have its own “Creeper Crunch” cereal


It is a cinnamon-flavored cereal and green caramel reminiscent of the iconic Creepers.

Minecraft is a video game that has transcended all platforms, reaching from PC to Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. Currently enshrined as one of the most important titles of all time, he has managed to sell all kinds of merchandise, from books, toys, clothing lines, an interactive series on Netflix, and, soon, his own cereal.

Recently its partnership with Kellog’s, the world’s best-known cereal company, has been announced, it has announced the game’s official cereal: Minecraft Creeper Crunch.

This is what his box looks like:

It is a cereal flavored with cinnamon and green caramels reminiscent of the iconic Creepers. As you would expect from a product that has Minecraft in the name, Creeper Crunch cereal is cubic in shape.

That’s not all. Each box of Minecraft Creeper Crunch cereal will include a code for one of 10 garments that can be worn by our protagonist of the game thanks to the character creator.

As reported by GamingTrend, Creeper Crunch cereal will be available only in the United States starting in August priced at $5.62.