Riot Games confirms they will not erase Yuumi from League of Legends


The Magic Cat was the subject of Riot in the last post on his developer blog.

With the release of Yuumi in the Summoner’s Rift, many players and even professionals have expressed contempt when facing this champion in the bottom lane, creating the “Delete Yuumi” meme which means to delete Yuumi from the game.

At first glance, Yuumi can be considered an easy character to play and you do not need much skill knowledge. There are even players who think that it is played by itself, but with great results to the champion with whom it is linked.

Faced with this controversy, Riot Games had to come out ahead and demonstrate three points for which they will not erase the character from League of Legends.

The first and possibly the most essential point is the champion’s mastery curve, that is, the more you play with Yuumi and the more you learn about his skills and combos, the better your win rate will be. This curve that Yuumi has is very similar to champions like Akali, Qiyana, and Nunu. This eliminates, considerably, that the champion is easy to use from the first game.

  • Know when to detach yourself from a champion to take advantage of the passive, in this way you boost the mana and extra shield.
  • Knowing who to link to take advantage of each movement, that is, predicting the movement and the moves of allies and enemies.
  • Use the Q to be able to dodge and slow down targets.

Prioritize the shot-caller and vision, considering that you have an extra in these aspects when being linked with someone.
And the third point, but not least, would be the style of the LoL champion that does not resemble any, considering how all the players who have decided to Maine Yuumi, it would not be appropriate for Riot Games to remove the champion despite all possible memes.