Gamer spends over a thousand dollars on PlayStation Plus

Learn the story of this guy who accidentally spent over a thousand dollars on PlayStation Plus.

PlayStation gamer mistakenly spent over a thousand dollars on the PlayStation Plus subscription.

The service offers an improvement to the PlayStation Network, with which users can download the games of the month, access exclusive discounts and have 100 GB of cloud storage to save games.

With more than 10 years of PlayStation Plus

YouTube user Zeus received a notification that he has spent more than 10 years of the PlayStation Plus subscription, which is equivalent to $ 10,000.

He, thinking that he was not responsible, immediately thought that it was a hacker making a bad move.

In fact, Zeus was not even so alarmed, as he believed that the bank, without any complications, would return the money quickly, but everything changed when he realized that no one had hacked him and that he himself had been responsible.

Everything seems to indicate that his control of PlayStation 4 was to blame for everything. On Twitter, the player took the opportunity to share his funny and tragic story.

“I am officially the dumbest or most unlucky person in the world. I was playing PC all day and deep down my controller was still connected to my PS4 and buying me memberships. I was not hacked and now I have PlayStation Plus until 2031 ”, Zeus detailed.

Zeus won’t have to worry about a long time enjoying video games on PlayStation.