Gmail prepares a new chat feature

Gmail may be preparing a new chat feature for its platform, as an alternative to Hangouts.

Gmail is Google’s email service and as a platform it is constantly updated, changing its code for the next integration of chats, both individual and group. Being an excellent substitute for Hangouts, very similar to Meet for video calls.

9to5Google has analyzed the code and noted that Chat is the name of this new feature internally.

The portal warns that there will be more ways to connect and collaborate without having to switch from one application to another. What Gmail is looking for is that its users stay longer in its ecosystem.

Gmail wants to expand its ecosystem

The application is constantly being updated with new functions, such as recently with its integration with Google Meet, which aimed to bring video calls to the email app.

Now, it seems that the mail service intends to further unify its interface, including its new Chat function. With this, users can chat more immediately through Gmail.

According to 9to5Google, these changes have been seen in the code, which means that very soon the platform could be officially updated.
With this new function, users will find two tabs: one of Chat to chat privately with a person and the other would be Rooms.

The next updates will allow you to have email, video calls and chat conversations in one place. These three services would be available in their entirety within the mail application. 

Google has not disclosed the update date and when these changes will be integrated into the Chat function.