How does car night vision technology work?


Automobiles are increasingly having mechanisms and devices to assist drivers. Here’s adding night vision on vehicles to make driving at night safer.

Night vision devices were probably developed to assist soldiers in their dangerous missions. At night we see less and the militia has binoculars, lenses, and a number of devices that allow us to “see” better at night. This can be a life or death factor in what warfare means.

But this technology can well be applied to everyday life and one of the most interesting objectives is that of night vision in cars, whose idea is to make the vehicle safer when it is at night. Finally, the motorist depends on the light of his lights, and therefore, he has limitations in what he observes.

There are several manufacturers of automobile night vision devices. One of them, FLIR, offers thermal vision cameras, that is, they recognize the temperature of the bodies and present a colored image showing the different temperatures.

Clearly, the most current application for this type of technology are airports, supermarkets, etc., to measure the temperature of customers in this COVID-19 pandemic. Of course, this same technology can probably be applied to automobiles as well.

In fact, FLIR offers its PathFindIR II Driver Vision Enhancement System, which allows you to see how objects (people, animals, cars in motion), allowing drivers to drive more safely