Amazon Prime Video now lets you create user profiles


Each account can have up to six assigned profiles and the option to activate purchase restrictions is offered.

Amazon Prime Video implemented one of the features most requested by its subscribers. After a few months of testing on a limited group of users, user profiles are now available to everyone.

This option, which is essential in streaming video and music services, can be activated today from the bottom bar in the “My space” section. The profiles work the same as in other services and include personalized recommendations. It also integrates the viewing history, progress of the series or movies you are watching, as well as a monitoring list based on the activity of each profile

Although Amazon Prime Video already includes a Kids profile for the little ones at home, it is possible to create other restricted profiles. As with Netflix, the content available is suitable for children 12 and under. Children’s accounts can be configured with a restriction to avoid purchases in the service.

The latter can also be activated on other accounts or shared devices, such as the TV in the room or another streaming device. The account owner may activate a PIN to authorize the rent or purchase of movies and services.

Prime Video allows up to six user profiles on each account

Prime Video allows up to six profiles for family members, one of them will be the one who manages the main account. This feature is available today in iOS and Android apps, Amazon Fire TV tablets, and applications for Smart TV and other compatible devices.

Amazon Prime Video took forever to implement user profiles. Although the service has been available since 2006 in the United States, it was not until 2016 that it began its expansion worldwide. Amazon’s streaming video platform seeks to gain a foothold in a competitive market, Hypertextual indicates.

Despite having started before its competitors, Prime Video lagged behind in many useful features. In the past three years, Amazon has injected a significant sum of money to keep its streaming video service competitive.

The platform not only bets on original series or movies but also gives access to other channels, similar to Apple TV. In countries where Disney Plus does not have a presence, Prime Video offers a large part of the catalog, including the Star Wars saga and Marvel movies like Avengers: Endgame.