Fortnite: how to become invincible with a glitch, the video


Fortnite is a game that has undergone multiple transformations over the years. Although the soul of the hit title has always remained the same, some news has been introduced season after season and the updates that the game has undergone have led to the release of several bugs and glitches. The most recent, discovered by a group of players, even allows you to become invincible.

The incredible thing about this glitch is that once activated it will not be able to make players both invincible and invisible, a combo that literally becomes unstoppable during a game in Battle Royale mode. The content creator known by the LazarBeam nickname has uploaded a video on his YouTube channel where he is told step by step how to “activate” and use the latter glitch found within Fortnite to his advantage.

First of all, to take advantage of this trick you will have to play in Couple or Team mode. After that, you have to reach a Whirlpool and the player who wants to become invincible will necessarily have to end up on the ground and thanks to the Whirlpool will first be shot in the air and then sent back to the ground. Once this point is reached, a teammate must load the KO player on the shoulder and transport him to the nearest teleporter. Once revived, both players will be both invisible and invincible.

It is very likely that this new glitch will be fixed very soon by Epic Games, especially now that this trick is going around the world and has ended up in several spotlights. What do you think of this possibility of becoming invincible within Fortnite?