Download the new animated WhatsApp stickers


The instant messaging company WhatsApp launched its new tool. Animated stickers add to the family of the app

WhatsApp has announced the release of four fun animated sticker packs, which will help you give better expression to your preservations.

The new sticker pack is available for Android v2.20194 and iOS v2.20.70 devices.

But once the version is updated, users can add the animated stickers by clicking on the emoji icon at the bottom of the chat, the site 24 Hours reported.

The new release consists of four packages of stickers with movement, their names are:

  • Chummy Chum Chums
  • Rico’s Sweet Life
  • Bright days
  •  Moody Foodies

The WhatsApp Web version will also have the sticker pack.

How did the fashion for stickers originate?

At first, the application was reluctant to incorporate the stickers to its platform, but then it relented and incorporated them. At first, it was the app that provided them, until later it understood that they had to democratize and allowed people to upload their own stickers.

“Whether it’s with a smiling cup of tea or a broken heart crying, stickers help you share your feelings in a way that you can’t always express in words,” WhatsApp published in 2018 from its website.