Spotify is crashing on iPhone


The bug is reproduced both in the officially available version (iOS 13.5.1) and in the beta version of iOS 14 that started to be released a few hours ago. 

Since this Friday morning, users around the world, including Mexico, have reported that it is not possible for them to normally use a number of popular applications and services, such as Spotify, Pinterest and Tinder on their iPhone devices and, apparently, Facebook has the guilt.
It is not the first time that computers with the iOS operating system have problems accessing some platforms and, once again, through social networks, iPhone and iPad users are reporting that their apps do not work well.

The bug is reproduced both in the officially available version (iOS 13.5.1) and in the beta version of iOS 14 that started to be released a few hours ago.

According to information from the site, in the case of Mexico, as of 5 am this Friday, users indicated, regarding Spotify, that they could not log in, that once in their account the application did not play music or it closed unexpectedly.

Although the exact cause of the outages has yet to be confirmed, early reports suggest that the problem is caused by the Facebook Software Development Kit or SDK, that many applications use to manage user logins. That is when the Facebook account is chosen to log in more simply on other platforms.

The problem is that this time, it seems that, although iOS users do not have the Facebook login option enabled, they are still having problems. So far there are no reports that the same apps are blocked on Android.

This morning Facebook recognized on its developer platform that its software was causing problems. “We are aware of and are investigating an increase in bugs in the iOS SDK that is causing some apps to crash,” the firm said after numerous developers reported problems with their apps and also blamed Facebook.

The developers were energetic in reporting the problem this morning as it is not the first time that the SDK of the social media giant has removed a large number of applications like this.

An almost identical error occurred on May 6 and affected dozens of services for a good part of the day.

And it is that Facebook, as some developers have pointed out, encourages them to integrate their login services into their apps as a way to facilitate users’ logins and so that companies can access valuable information about how they are doing. using their services.

Despite the advantages that this could mean, integration means that when there is a problem with Facebook services, it affects a large number of other applications, just as it has happened today.

To explain it a little better, each time a user opens an application using the SDK, he makes a call to the Facebook servers to authenticate any login, so if this system fails, it is not possible to recognize the account and the platforms Fail or crash automatically. 

Therefore, when this type of failure occurs, one option is to try to log in without being connected to the internet, which is allowed by some apps, although not all functions will be accessible, in the case of Spotify, for example. Yes, the downloaded songs can be played. 

The good news is that Facebook seems to have gotten to work on it and all services are back to normal.