The new Xiaomi smartphone inspired by Game Boy


Xiaomi has launched a new tiny smartphone with a design that reminds us of the Nintendo Game Boy. We tell you the details.

If you are a fan of video games and live on nostalgia, then this new tiny Xiaomi smartphone will be of interest to you.

Nostalgia sells and Xiaomi knows it, so the Chinese company has launched a new device called AI Ping Q, a cell phone whose design reminds us a lot of that of the Game Boy.

This curious little device is aimed at the little ones at home and has been the work of Xiaomi Ecological Chain, in an effort to provide a phone that can be functional for children with certain parental controls.

Features of the new AI Ping Q

This smartphone comes with a tiny 1.5-inch screen with a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels. In addition, it has an 1150 mAh battery, whose autonomy would be very high in relation to other specifications, Unocero says.

It is probably not the most ambitious cell phone on the market, but it is the characteristics focused on parents that make it something special.

Its special design integrates a directional pad and two buttons, allowing a more intuitive and user-friendly operation for the little ones so that they do not have to be dealing with a touch screen.

The main objective of this small cell phone is to obtain greater control and care for children. Thanks to its WiFi connection, GPS, and Internet access through eSIM, it would be possible to access the location or make two-way calls.

Among other interesting features, the AI ​​Ping Q has a control system capable of preventing the installation of third-party applications. Similarly, the children’s smartphone prevents the broadcast of any commercial content.

And last but not least, this cell phone has a XiaoAI voice assistant, which can work to play music, set alarms, or display applications intended for students.

Price and availability

Unfortunately, this device is only intended for the Asian market and its price is 399 yuan. However, let’s hope that this innovative Xiaomi proposal can land on other borders.