Qazikoo: Banking Redefined and the Man behind the Idea


We all have our own challenges when it comes to personal banking. Thankfully, a lot of people have already revolutionized the way we handle our finances—from processing transactions to managing investments.

One of these people is Kevin Kelpinwietz, the man behind finance app Qazikoo, an all-in-one app that allows you to put together all your accounts and manage them efficiently in just a single platform. But how exactly did Kelpinwietz redefine banking?

The beginnings

Kevin Kelpinwietz didn’t have a comfortable life growing up, but being in a working-class family allowed him to learn about finances early on in his life.

It also gave him a competitive spirit that was evident when he was first a track and field athlete who maintained an impressive 1 minute 53-second record in the 800-meter dash for years.

After working in finance for many years, Kelpinwietz felt the need to venture out into something bigger. He knew that he wasn’t meant for a 9 to 5 job and so he started pursuing his dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

The birth of Qazikoo

Kelpinwietz was always curious about things and so one day when he just had enough of having to memorize all the pins and passwords of multiple finance apps in his mobile phone, he realized that he needed to create a solution for it. That was when Qazikoo was born.

He turned his frustration into a revolutionary business idea. In 2018, Kelpinwietz gathered some of the best people in technology and finance to create an app that will revolutionize personal banking, and it turned out to be a massive hit.

“The vision is very simple,” Kelpinwietz said. “At the moment in the world, all banks are very local. As a result, you always struggle with international activity. That means you always need to open new bank accounts, issue new cards, set up a new credit profile.”

With three months to spare from their launch, the app has already hit its target of 10,000 signups.

The road to success

Since he was a startup, Kelpinwietz needed to be smart about his marketing strategy—and he did.

In fact, he did not spend a dime in marketing for the year because he used a creative approach of giving away 5% of his shares to 1,000 brand ambassadors and celebrities whose influence on social media made Qazikoo an instant hit. This creative and efficient method of marketing may prove to be not only more cost-effective but it may also be more effective overall. The potential reach of this marketing strategy could be well over 1 billion people, not bad for £0 costs.

When asked about the massive success of Qazikoo, Kelpinwietz said that it all boiled down to his decision-making: “I very rarely hesitate when it comes to making decisions. I prefer decisive actions rather than countless thoughts. If mistakes are made, learn quickly and adapt, but always act in haste and with results, be patient.”