Five things that explain why your WiFi internet is so slow


Your WiFi connection is slow and you don’t know why? Well, in this post we will review five things that explain very simply why your home wireless network is a cart, and we offer some solutions to these problems.

Take into account that problems with WiFi can have several origins. Therefore, it is worth checking all the following points, and who knows how to put into practice more than one alternative to solve these difficulties that take away anyone’s sleep.

That said, these are the five most common causes of a slow WiFi connection, and their solutions.

Bad router positioning

A router in an inappropriate position will result in network connection problems, slow internet, and signal dead zones. Leaving the router in a position far from the center of the house and at a very low height can result in a seriously affected signal.

Solution: it ‘s easy: just move the router. Something as simple as leaving the router in a central and elevated position. This will significantly improve the quality and performance of your internet connection.

“Natural” signal blockers

A house with many obstacles can hinder a WiFi signal. Different building materials for walls and doors, mirrors, and large parts can reduce the signal range, causing a huge impact on the quality of your wireless connection.

Solution: Place the router away from the signal blockers. If this is not possible, try to leave at least the doors open.

Interferences that give many problems

A WiFi connection uses radio waves that operate in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands, that is, they may suffer from interference generated by the frequencies of other devices that operate on the same networks.

For example, microwave devices can interfere with the 2.4 GHz band, as can cordless phones and other cordless devices. The 5 GHz band is less prone to interference but is not free from interference.

Solution: try to keep the router away from sources of interference, and use the 5 GHz band whenever possible.

The router “went crazy”

It may happen. When the router works for long periods it can suffer from failures that require a restart of the equipment. The reasons for such failures are diverse, such as a slow connection, drops, and even the complete suspension of the internet connection.

Solution: just restart the router, turning the equipment off completely and disconnecting from the mains for one minute. Turn everything back on, and see if the router returns to normal.

Unwanted guests on your WiFi network

The alien can be a constant problem, and if all of the above failed (including that phone call with your ISP) and the connection is still slow, it is likely that one or more unwanted guests are stealing your connection.

Solution: change the default password and the name of your WiFi network. If you have an intruder, just change the WiFi password in the router menu. This will expel intruders, as well as restore the connection quality you missed.