How to recover your router password that you forgot


Using complex passwords is always welcome to maximize your security. The problem is when we forget that password.

In this post, we show you some tricks to regain access to your router’s password, in case it is lost or forgotten.

See your router manual and sticker

All routers have a default username and password, which can be easily retrieved if you have not changed this data before. In case of forgetting the router’s password, consult your manual, as it indicates the device’s username and password data.

If you have lost your router manual, you will most likely find its default username and password on a sticker pasted on the bottom or side of the device. Of course, this sticker can wear out over time, and the data on it is unreadable.

Try the default username and password combination

All routers have a very simple username and password, and the data is the same for all units from the same manufacturer. “Admin” is the most common username, and the password can also be “admin”, or simple combinations like “12345” or “00000”.

Search for the password in your web browser

Your router’s password may be saved in your browser’s password manager. In Google Chrome, click the three-point menu button at the top right of the interface, go to Settings> Privacy and Security. Then, click on the Autocomplete section, where there is a link to the Passwords item.

A small window shows all passwords saved in Chrome. Use the mouse to select the password you need and click the button to remove the security asterisks. Your password will be displayed after a user confirmation on the operating system.

If your browser is Firefox, go to the menu button at the top right of the interface to access the Options menu. Then, go to Privacy and Security> Users and Passwords and click on Saved Passwords to see the list of passwords stored in that browser. Search for the router’s password and click the small button to remove the asterisks and display the password.

Search for the password on the internet

Obviously, this trick will only work if your router still has the default or factory username and password.

First, look for the exact model to find the router’s support section or a digital copy of its instruction manual. So, you should find the default username and password for your router model.

The RouterPasswords website is another alternative. It compiles the default username and password for most router models manufactured and sold on the market.

Reset the router

It is the last resort to regain access to the device if all previous methods fail. When you do this, the device returns to the factory status, which requires a complete reconfiguration.

All routers have a small reset button for factory status. This button is usually on the back of the device. Use a clip or toothpick to press the button for a few seconds with the router turned on. The device lights will begin to flash, indicating a reset in progress.

These are our tips. And next time, save the password in a safe place. I hope this post helps when it comes to suffocation, and share the article on social networks so that other people can benefit from these tips.