The partnership between LEGO and Nintendo continues, to the delight of many people


This is considered the fusion of the best of both worlds. LEGO, a legendary company with its riding toys, and Nintendo, another legendary family entertainment company (of course, today the main segment of Big N is video games, but its decades-long history is marked by development different products and solutions to keep children and adults entertained in their homes).

Well, after the arrival of LEGO Super Mario, a kit that has already driven many fans crazy, just leaked a new set that has already been informally named LEGO NES, but it should certainly receive a new official name. And many of us, mere mortal video game fans, are already drooling over this kit.

As its name implies, the kit will allow the construction of an NES console with LEGO blocks. And the question that comes to mind right now is: why the hell hasn’t anyone thought of this before?

For the nostalgic, an NES to assemble via LEGO

The complete set includes the official control and even an old tube TV from the 80s so that the aesthetic experience is as faithful as possible. And I’m talking about the aesthetic experience because, in practice, this is not a real console, and we can’t use our games that are gathering dust inside a shoebox at the bottom of our parents’ closet. As with all LEGO sets based on Nintendo products, this is just an interactive kit.

From what we can see in the leaked photos, a crank causes the TV screen to slide, simulating the movements of the game. With the buttons on the TV, you can move the Mario character on the screen. The LEGO NES kit will have 2646 pieces and, in a curious way, is indicated for over 18 years.

Okay, but Nintendo could integrate the emulator into this LEGO kit, just as it did with the NES mini. Or at least allow the controller to interact with the character.

The age rating cannot be because it is a very difficult set to build, but because LEGO is trying to reinforce its line of adult content. Therefore, this kit is clearly focused on the nostalgic forties and fifties who had an NES during childhood. Recently, LEGO Art was also announced, a collection of decorative elements inspired by Beatles or Marilyn Monroe (among other artists), which can be constructed with small pieces of plastic, and this content is also designed for adults.

In addition, we must remember that the already released LEGO Super Mario allows the construction of scenarios that simulate game levels, in addition to playing with a computerized Mario, which distinguishes objects and makes sounds.

The two collections are related since it is possible to place LEGO Super Mario on the LEGO NES TV. The new kit should hit the market on August 1, with a suggested price of 229.99 euros.

And… yes… we will be dreaming of the arrival of this product on the Brazilian market. But you can’t get your hopes up about that.