Live your Cooking passion on Kitchen Clout


The theme of the App

If you ask most people what they enjoy most in life, it’s often the case that their career paths don’t line up with their hobbies. Kitchen Clout aims to give you a taste of an alternate reality where you get to realize your culinary dreams if cooking is your passion. There’s no need to switch your day job and hustle your way to an actual restaurant position, all you need is the desire, and the Kitchen Clout app puts the journey of a chef at your fingertips, quite literally. Start small as a humble employee working to keep customers happy, and upgrade your way to owning restaurants! 

Kitchen Clout features

Kitchen Clout is an Android and iOS game with much to offer. Login via your Facebook account and automatically save your progress so that you can play on different devices without having to start over. That said, here’s what else Kitchen Clout can do:

  • A wide range of dishes that unlock as you successfully scale the levels. Start with minor one or two item orders, then turn up the heat with multiple order requests to be fulfilled in limited time.
  • Kitchen equipment upgrades with coins. Improve the speed and capacity of the tools around the kitchen to make cooking easier and faster. Use coins to unlock new ingredients as well
  • Pop up contests with exclusive rewards that you can be a part of from time to time. 
  • A flurry of new challenges from a game with upwards of a century of levels. The end of one challenge only means the start of another. New experiences always await! 
  • Special boosts to give you an extra edge when work in the kitchen becomes overwhelming.

How Kitchen Clout Works 

Your workspace on Kitchen Clout entails an assortment of equipment, and you’ll begin with a basic coffee maker and a 2-item oven with upgradable capacity. Each customer will have a unique food request, and you, as the chef, need to prepare the meal and/or drink before time runs out. Successfully doing so results in coin rewards you can use for upgrades. Additionally, you can also choose to watch ads to get free coins to use around the kitchen. You’ll unlock boosts with time, and you can use them for special cooking abilities. 

Why Kitchen Clout is better than the rest

You’re assured not to get bored of Kitchen Clout, because of its endless maze of levels that test not only your cooking skills but also how fast you are with your fingers. There’s a lot of room for adventure, many contests to watch out for, and always something new to keep you on the edge of your seat.

This unpredictability and the vast room to forge your career as a world-class chef ranks Kitchen Clout among the best of its kind!