How to read wife text messages


Sometimes you get a feeling that your wife is lying but you cannot explain. This makes you feel angry, hurt and stressed throughout the night. Nonetheless, it is hard to take her phone and read texts. Maybe she has passwords thus you cannot access it. For this reason, you are supposed to come up with a better method prior to the confrontation. The method should be transparent for her not to deny allegations. Also, it should not disclose your identity when you are in the process. This article will guide you in a better way to read your wife’s message.


This is the best app you can use to monitor your is the fast way you can use to read wife text messages without physical contact. You can install the app and your wife will never know about it.

Steps to view text messages using JJSPY

As soon as JJSPY starts to run, you will view text messages without the device. There are two procedures to hack messages on android and iPhone devices. Follow these steps carefully in order to access the messages.

Steps for android

Purchase JJSPY

Firstly you will need JJSPY software. Check prices on the JSPY website and head to the android option. After payment, you will access the software account. In addition to that, you should have a known email address with a valid password. Create one if you do not have one then sign up. You will be allowed to move to the next step after you have filled the details.


You will receive a link to the application. Install it to the targeted android device. It works much better compared to hack messages application. This is because it allows you to monitor all data on the device. Install this app and hack all text messages send in various apps.


After installation, the app needs configuration. Open the tool and enter all the details required. These details are about the JJSPY account such as email and password. You will see all data on the account. Therefore, you can decide to start or exit.


Open JJSPY to see text messages on android. Complete the menu which spies everything. If you want to hack messages, go to the menu which of the message. This will show all the message conversations. Besides that, you should be prepared psychology before the spying. You should know the time you want to read your wife’s text messages. It should take place when she is not around. Body language is simple to read especially to someone you have lived together for years.

 How to read text messages on iPhone using JJSPY

Here are the steps to follow in order to access text messages.

Purchase JJSPY

This is the first step in both android and iPhone. It is must you get the tool. You will select iPhone devices. Check the price then start to register. Complete details and fill all the requirements then move to the next step.

 Connect to iCloud

iPhone needs a connection to the iCloud just like installation on android devices. After logging into the account, you will connect to the iCloud account. Complete the required details.

Start spying

After selecting the mobile phone, you will begin to access messages. Log in the account; wait for the sync to complete then you can spy everything. Go to the text messages menu to see conversations. Read more here about JJSPY if you want to start spying on your wife now.

Advantages of JJSPY

Great things have advantages and limitations depending on the purpose. Its disadvantage comes when you use the software illegally. Here are the advantages of JJSPY


It is designed to monitor things effectively. You will be able to know any fishy thing even if your wife does not relieve it. You will retrieve all the text messages in Whatsaap, Facebook as well as other applications.


This software ensures safety assurance. It does not show information to your wife. Henceforth, you will carry out the protocol silently and she will never know. Users are required to have a plan; this will help you not to look suspicious.


JJSPY team gives you enough privacy and does not see what you are monitoring. The information is revealed to the user alone and not the person monitored.

You can perform many tasks

You should have enough evidence when spying a cheating husband. This will ensure your wife does not lie to you. JJSPY can check live screen, location information, live microphone, live camera, keylogger, instant messaging, and images.

Final thoughts

Legit software can be used to track your wife’s messages. You will be able to spy without touching their phone. In addition to that, you do not need technical knowledge. JJSPY is one of the best tools to check text messages. It will allow you to access all messages sent through all applications. You will do it silently without raising any alarm. Also, the software has unique features for various purposes. This includes videos, audios, pictures, voice notes, live screen, and social media conversations. This is enough to catch your cheating wife.