Pac-Man Fun Facts


The first and only Pac-Man world championship was held in 2007 in New York, the winner was the Mexican Daniel Borrego.

Pac-Man is one of the most iconic, successful, and popular video games and for decades, all kinds of players have enjoyed devouring dots, the Pac-Dots, with a yellow ball with a mouth, Pac-Man, while escaping from their enemies, the ghosts.

Over time its popularity has not stopped growing, so some of the curiosities linked to the game have been revealed.

Pac-Man was developed in a year and a half

In 1977 Toru Iwatani started working at Namco, a game development company. At 22 years old, he led a small team that developed the video game in a year and a half. On May 22, 1980, it was released to the public in Japan in game rooms, very popular in the ’80s. Soon after, it expanded by all the world.

The creator was inspired by a pizza to create the character

The creator of the famous game has said that the inspiration for the main character came when he was eating a piece of pizza and saw the shape that remained on the plate, according to the creator, which image helped him transform the Japanese square character of the word Kuchi, which means “mouth”.

The original name was Puckman

The game’s first name was Puckman. In Japanese, “paku” means chewing. However, when the game was released in the United States, the name was changed to prevent people from changing the “p” to the “f” to make it a bad word in English.

Pac-Man was created to appeal to the female audience

In the 1970s, most video games were intended for the male audience. They were violent, war or alien games. For this reason, Iwatani took the opportunity to create a “comical” game for the general public, which was being forgotten. In this way, the persecution genre was born that hooked so many people, men, women, and even children.

Pac-Man is an endless game

It is impossible to finish the Pac-Man game. With each screen that the player overcomes, the difficulty increases, but there comes a time when an internal error at level 256 shows a split screen, impossible to overcome. At the bottom of the screen, 256 fruits appear, instead of the usual 7, which prevents you from watching the game and therefore continue playing indefinitely.

Each ghost chases Pac-Man in their own way

At the beginning of each game, the four ghosts are presented as the enemies of Pac-Man. Each with a different color, a different personality, and different behavior.

The red one is called Shadow, known as Blinky, and it chases the protagonist through the maze. The pink, Speedy or Pinky, is responsible for setting traps moving in the opposite direction to collide. Blue, Bashful or Inky, chases Pac-Man only when Blinky is around. The orange, the ghost Pokey, nicknamed Clyde, moves randomly through the maze.

Pac-Man has a family

Thanks to Pac-Man’s success during its early years, the game continued to develop. Currently, there are more than 70 versions of the video game, various movies, and series.