Demand for online learning increasing in India


The current global situation has completely changed things drastically all over the world. One of the biggest impacts of the ongoing coronavirus crisis has been on the job market. Companies have frozen hiring programs in the face of economic uncertainty and revenue losses, while even existing employees in many firms have had to take pay cuts, or in some of the more extreme cases, have lost their jobs. The unemployment rate has risen by a large percentage in countries all over the world due to this. This has led to a lot of people turning to online training platforms and learning programs in order to be able to gain skills and be better prepared to tackle the volatile job market that we are going to see for the next couple of years at least.

This is one of the many ways in which people and organizations have been going online during this time, which is especially necessary given the need to maintain social distancing measures for the foreseeable future. Work meetings have been replaced by video calls and emails, while online collaboration has also increased, with shared files and folders being utilized to get team projects done. Other sectors have also seen a huge increase in the use of online platforms, where, for example, we have seen how casino operators have created full-fledged online casino live on websites and even mobile apps, to provide customers with a similar experience to that at a land-based casino. Online streaming of movies and TV shows has also increased, while gaming is also another online activity which has become extremely popular.

Coming back to talking about an increase in online learning, India has seen a lot of demand for these platforms during the lockdown as people look to spend their time productively and learn skills which can help them better navigate the job market. Some of the best portals for online learning are listed below – 

UpGrad – UpGrad offers educational programs on a whole host of subjects, ranging from digital marketing, data analytics, digital technology management to product management, and entrepreneurship. It also has industry leaders offering insight for students. The site is well-suited for students as well as working professionals, with courses meeting every requirement.

BridgeLabz – As the name suggests, BridgeLabz was founded to bridge the gap between the talent and skills of new Indian engineering graduates, and the skills needed for them to land a job. The platform does this through experiential learning and mentorship, with the Maker Program allowing the platform to recruit engineers from top institutes and provide them training in industry-specific skills, based on the requirements of its partner companies.

Imarticus Learning – This is India’s leading professional education firm. It has gained a lot of plaudits for being able to bridge the gap between academia and employment. The platform offers its users the opportunity to pick up professional certifications, as well as providing job placement offers. Imarticus Learning’s biggest USP is its unique teaching methodology, where there is a mix of live classroom and online lectures, along with group sessions and discussions, industry seminars, guest lectures, training programs, soft skills improvement sessions and mentorship by industry leaders. By combining all of this, Imarticus has positioned itself almost like an online university, with the entire holistic approach to learning being adopted here.

SimplilearnSimplilearn is the world’s leading certification training provider, with online training programs in subjects such as Cloud Computing, Digital Marketing, Project Management, and Data Science, among many others. It is a dynamic platform, where the course content and the courses themselves change based on the skills and requirements needed in the outside world.