The Opportunities for Improvement of Writing Skill and Use of Technology


Writing is a skill that takes time, requires persistence, and the disposition to learn to master it. Even the most experienced writers find that writing does not come easily to them. Improving your writing skills is going to take you some time but you can speed up the process through the use of technology.

The adoption of different technologies has assisted many writers to improve their compositions. Improving your writing skills will allow you to produce high-quality work giving you an edge on your competitors. Let’s cover some useful tips to help you improve your writing skills with the help of technology.

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Grammar checker

Writers can use the platforms provided by many websites to improve their writing skills. Some of these sites offer free services, while others require users to go premium to unlock the full features.

Sites like Grammarly allow writers to improve the quality of their work by correcting grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, punctuation, word use, passive voice use, and language use, among others.

These sites play an important role in improving the writer’s skills by removing the errors that affect the quality of their article and distorting the message.

Using plagiarism software

Plagiarism software can significantly help students and experienced writers to improve their writing skills by ensuring that their work is unique.

The plagiarism software ensures that the writer did not intentionally or unintentionally copy someone else’s work. Plagiarism is a grave offense in many writing circles. Using someone else’s work and claiming that it is yours is equivalent to committing career suicide. Using a plagiarism checker to review your work can ensure that your work is 100% original.

You can check your text through a premium version of Grammarly. There is other free software online that you can use to ensure that you entirely wrote your masterpiece. And if that also does not make you happy, no need wonder and ask someone, “can somebody revise my essay.” The professional writers at Edubirdie ensure that the work is always free of plagiarism and grammar errors.

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Creating a blog

Creating a personal blog allows you to test your writing skills. You can use this blog to test different writing styles and settle on one that suits you best. It allows you to hone your skills from a tender age by allowing you to write about things you are passionate about.

There is no limit to what you can write since you can venture into genres you are not conversant with and apply your writing skills here. There are many content platforms on the internet, such as WordPress, that will help you practice and improve your writing over time.

Use of eBooks and tablets

Many schools and colleges have incorporated the use of eBooks and tablets into the learning process. Instead of having to go through many textbooks, platforms such as Amazon Kindle provide a library of books that you can use to improve your writing skill and also subject knowledge, right from technology in the automotive industry to business marketing, and everything in between.

Tablets also provide you with apps that can help you with grammatical and language errors as you are writing. eBooks and tablets also provide a platform for researching and sharing content.

Using learning resources available on the internet

The internet has a library full of resources that you can access by using search engines like Google. Using the learning resources available on the internet provides you with the opportunity to select a specific topic you are searching for.

You can extensively research that topic and ensure that facts back the information you provide in your article. Students can also use professional writing services if they require help with their essays.

Use of noise-canceling headphones

Although noise-canceling headphones do not directly impact a person’s writing skills, they can significantly help those who cannot write properly in noisy environments.

The noise-canceling headphones can help you to eliminate everything that will distract you when writing. They allow you to optimize your writing ability and transfer your thoughts into writing.


Technology has had a significant impact on different aspects of our lives, especially when it comes to writing. The technologies above allow you to perfect your writing skills, whether you are struggling with grammar or language use. Using these tools will ensure that you produce high-quality content that will stand out against your competitors’ work.

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Elizabeth Skinner works for a SaaS company as the sales and marketing manager. She recently completed her master’s and joined the company as a fresher and also continued with her other passion – writing academic papers that include thesis and dissertations. In her free time, she loves bird watching, playing with her lovely pets and running on the beach.