They want the US army to stop recruiting using video games


Militia channels on the Twitch platform are being questioned for malpractice

The idea that a person who is good at video games of war may also be good in a real scenario seems to be not so far-fetched or, at least, it may be that game lovers may consider a career in the military. Reason why the US military recently joined Twitch. However, your channel could have its days numbered. 

Through a deal, the video game streaming platform began sharing live game streams from the U.S. military’s eSports teams so they could interact with viewers and find people who might be interested in joining. to the Army, Navy, or Air Force. 

The problem with the above is that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a representative from New York, claims that the military has been violating the platform’s rules and will seek to present an amendment to the House Appropriations bill that will prevent the militia from using funds that, for now, are guaranteed by a bill to “maintain a presence on or any video game, eSports or live streaming platform.”

Now the proposal must be endorsed by other members of the United States Congress.

What is the problem?

According to a report by The Next Web, the United States military joined forces with Twitch to gather young recruits who like the streaming platform, although the Navy said it was not the only intention as they simply wanted “demonstrate that we play video games”.

On the Army esports channel page you can read: “Welcome to the official United States Army esports Twitch. Here we share our members’ passion for games, showcase competitions, and connect with our viewers.” While on the Marina sports channel, he says, “Other people will tell you not to stay up all night watching a screen. We will pay you to do it. See what life is like in uniform on the official Twitch channel. of the United States Navy. “

However, in addition to “having fun” and playing, the Army reportedly conducted “giveaways” on its Twitch channel and shared automatic links in its broadcast chat, promising an Xbox Elite Series 2 controller as a prize. However, according to The Nation, the trick was that those links actually directed users to “a recruitment form with no additional mention of the contest, odds, total number of winners, or when the draw will occur.”

Faced with the situation Ocasio-Cortez expressed his concern in a statement that he gave to the Motherboard media: “It is incredibly irresponsible that the Army and the Navy recruit impressionable young people and children through live broadcast platforms. War is not a game, and the decision of the Marine Corps not to participate in this recruitment tool should be a clear signal for the other branches of the military to stop practicing entirely. “

Apparently the news about his practices on the video game platform managed to pressure the military authorities because they announced that they would pause their broadcasts on Twitch.

And they have already been involved in other scandals because, recently, in a live broadcast of Call of Duty, a viewer named Jordan Uhl, was expelled from the Twitch channels of the Army and the Navy after asking about war crimes in the U.S. Given the fact, First Amendment advocacy groups wrote a letter demanding that they revoke the ban on access to this user.

We’ll see if the initiative to remove the militia from the platform works.