4 Things that Every Beginner Player Needs to Know About Hearthstone


Hearthstone is an online card game that has taken over the internet by a storm. In this free to play a digital game, you have the option of using spells, minions, weapons, and hero powers to take down your opponent and climb up the ladder. With amazing graphics and interactive boards, this game is sure to keep you hooked on it from the very beginning.

Here are the 4 things that you must read if you are a beginner in the Hearthstone game.

1) Types of Decks

Hearthstone comes with 3 types of decks, namely aggro, control, and midrange. The varieties of top Hearthstone decks indicate that the winning condition and pace of play are different according to the deck archetype. Decks are further subdivided into sub archetypes (zoo, combo, tempo, and token). Sub archetypes define a deck’s strategy. Moreover, decks are also class-specific such as Freeze Mage. Class-specific shows the deck’s winning condition, important cards, and gaming strategy.

2) Daily Quests

Players do not get bored with Hearthstone and continue to play it for many years. They become obsessed with the game. This is because the game challenges its players every day in the form of a Daily Quest. Upon completing their quest, the players get a reward in the form of gold. Also, if you win 3 games consecutively, you get 10 gold.

3) Importance of Gold

Gold in Hearthstone is just as important as money in the real world and in other games such as HayDay, Stardew Valley, Clash Royale, etc. With gold, players can buy different cards and have more fun. You need 100 gold to buy a pack of 5 cards. Cards are very important in Hearthstone and one strong card against an enemy can lead you to victory. Instead of gold, you can also buy these cards with money. You can purchase 2 packs of cards for $2.99 and 7 packs of cards for $9.99. If you are willing to splurge on the game, you can also opt for purchasing 40 packs of cards for $49.99.

4) Badges

Hearthstone values its players. It gives a player a badge for every season he ranks 20 or above. Furthermore, a player also receives a golden skin upon winning 500 games in a specific class. These achievements make the player work harder.

In conclusion:

Being a game beginner, I hope these strategic and basic things in this game will help you in completing and playing the Hearthstone.