Online Slots vs. Blackjack: Why Players Go for Slots


Online casinos feature an overwhelming array of games. The bigger the game portfolio a casino has, the more players it will attract. So, it only makes sense that casino operators would want to obtain a selection of games that’s as diverse as possible. 

That way, they can attract more nz players and rake in substantial profits. Looking from a fun perspective, it makes sense, too. The more games the players can try out, the more fun they will have and more enjoyable their overall experience will be. 

Two of the most sought-after casino games are slots and blackjack. Although these two casino classics have completely different gameplay mechanisms, they have a lot in common. For instance, they’re both fun to play and easy to learn. 

However, online slots often have supremacy over their blackjack counterparts, and you’re about to find out why that is the case.

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1. Visuals 

Blackjack is fun — there are no ifs, ands, or buts about it — but it’s played on a basic layout. Even though various blackjack variants are played with different rules, they all look pretty much the same. And that’s fine as far as most people are concerned. Once they master the rules, they can play blackjack regardless of which casino they are playing in. But, for some players, blackjack can become a bit dull over time. 

That’s not the case with slots, which is why they’re held in higher esteem than blackjack. Slot games feature a plethora of themes, ranging from music and adventure to movies and magic, and everything in between. Pretty much any storyline or theme can be integrated into slots, which makes them more appealing to people. 

2. Higher RTP 

Blackjack games have an RTP of around 94%, which is really solid. But when we contrast that to the 97% RTP, which is how much slots have on average, the difference is sky-high. 

Slots are more profitable. They offer a higher chance of getting your initial investment back and making some profit along the way. With slots, you’ll have more chances of winning big due to the simple fact that your budget will plummet more slowly, even when you’re on a cold streak. 

Not only is it easier to win at slots, but they give you a better shot of scoring massive wins. Progressive slots have jackpots that can pay out millions. The prize pool of progressive slots accumulates over time and pays out a life-changing sum to one lucky winner. 

This is an alluring offer, despite the fact that the chances of landing a progressive jackpot are one in a million. That remote chance, among other reasons, is what drives people away from blackjack and lures them into the world of slots.


3. Cutting-Edge Technology 

The way slots and blackjack games are being played hasn’t changed much since the early days of casinos. However, the technology being used to create these games has improved significantly. This is more evident in slots than it is in blackjack, which has remained pretty much the same in terms of visuals and gameplay. 

Again, this is yet another reason why most people prefer slots over blackjack. With the technology behind slots constantly improving, the fun of the game improved as well. What was decent before is now great, and it’s only going to get even better in the future.