Seven Money Making Ways from Home Gaming


Work without play makes Jack a dull boy, and so does life without play. Most individuals indulge in board games, role-playing during weekends, and video games after an exhausting day at work or school. So what better way to make a living than enjoying your downtime playing and making cash at the same time. As noted by professional custom dissertation writing service, it can work even better for those who love games, and one can make some money to making it a fulltime career.

Home Gaming Options that Generate Income

There is no better combination than to enjoy yourself and make money during your downtime moments. Here are seven crucial ways you can realize this dream.

  • You can play games online through points clubs. Web-based sites exist that provide their members with opportunities to obtain points by playing games online. Such websites include MyPoints and Swagbucks, and the points acquired can then get traded in exchange for some gift cards and alternatively cash through Paypal.

Such games, however, require you to spend some money upfront in buying game tokens, for instance, at and earn points instead. Further, you can play the game online, such as Deal or Super Plunko, and make cash or gift cards.

  • You can also offer other gamers customer service. Technically it might not qualify as getting paid for gaming though the pay comes from the gaming skills acquired over time. The market comes from companies that advertise for gaming consultants whose responsibility is making sure that they offer other gamers customer support from the skills and knowledge acquired about the game. Such skills, coupled with multitasking and social media skills, complete the package for this position, which pays decently per hour.
  • You can also transform into a Playtester, especially if you enjoy and like pushing the limits of the game. Playtesters get provided with pre-release video games so that they can report back to developers and designers concerning the functionality of the video game. Most Playtester positions often require proximity to the gaming company headquarters though most companies consider remote spots nowadays.
  • Becoming an expert gamer is another avenue of making a living from the gaming industry though it can prove a risky venture. You need to become excellent at the game and make the team of e-gamers where you subsequently compete to win competitions and earn money or landing endorsements or investors.
  • You can also become a coach for an e-game because the development of a sport ensures the development of a whole industry linked to the game. With everyone trying to excel in these games, coaching gathers pace as a profession, and as such, you can cut a niche in this sector with good income.
  • You can also consider writing for games, especially with creative writing talent. Start with tabletop games before you think of writing for other complex e-games.
  • Turn yourself into a YouTube superstar, especially if you have a distinctive personality that is engaging and funny. It would help if you however had a vast following with an excellent understanding of the video games. All you can do is promote a video game and generate revenue through viewership ad subscription of the products by your followers.


It sometimes sounds unreasonable, but it’s possible to game for income generation at the comfort of your home.  All you need to do for success is getting out there and exploring every possibility, especially with the tips provided.