Dedicated Proxies: Why Do You Need Them?


If you are like most individuals, you probably hold the assumption that proxy servers are only useful to individuals unblocking Netflix and YouTube videos in foreign countries, or those engaged in sneaker copping. But proxies carry significant benefits for businesses as well, which we will be addressing.

But we first need to understand proxies.

What is a Proxy?

A proxy is a form of gateway between a device connected to the internet and web servers. It provides an intermediary, where web requests made from the device have to go through the proxy before reaching the web server. And the results from the page requested goes to the proxy server first before getting to the device.

By following this process, a user is able to hide their IP address and location details from the websites they visit. The proxy comes with an IP address, and this is the address that the website visited is able to read.  A user can also use a proxy attached to a specific location, enabling them to access geo-blocked websites.

There are two main types of proxies

Data Center Proxy

These are an artificial kind of proxies created in a data center. A data center proxy does not depend on either your internet connection or ISP. This feature makes them very fast compared to other types of proxies. They are also available in large numbers, making them easy to rotate and avoid detection. If you are interested in more details, you can easily find them on the web.

Residential Proxy

Unlike a data center proxy, a residential proxy makes use of the internet connection and ISP. They come with a legitimate IP address provided by an ISP to homeowners and are attached to a physical location. They are highly undetectable and are the most reliable proxies.

These proxies can fall under either shared or dedicated proxies.

Shared Proxy vs. Private or Dedicated Proxies

Shared proxies refer to a classification of proxy servers where several users share a number of proxies. The proxies rotate between the users who then share their overall cost. The sharing causes these proxies to be slow due to bandwidth overload, and misuse by one user affects everyone else.

A dedicated or private proxy, on the other hand, is where one user gets exclusive use of a proxy. This makes it relatively fast, secure, and reliable. With a dedicated proxy, you do not have to worry about losing your proxy IP address due to the irresponsible behavior of another user.

So, how can a dedicated proxy be beneficial to your business?

1) They Provide High Levels of Anonymity

Working with a dedicated proxy is important for providing your business with an extra layer of protection. By enabling anonymous browsing, sensitive data such as financial details shared within the network can remain protected from the prying eyes of hackers and other cybercriminals.

2) Keyword Research

SEO is essential at helping businesses rank higher in search engines and attracting organic traffic to the website, increasing conversion. It involves using the right keywords, which is only possible through extensive research on keyword ranking and performance. Using a dedicated proxy in the research ensures that you are not detected and banned from sites and search engines.

3) Higher Speeds

If you have worked with a slow internet connection, you know how de-motivating it is. A dedicated proxy increases internet connection speed by economizing bandwidth and caching data. And the fact that a dedicated proxy is not shared means that there is no downtime experienced during browsing. This high speed means more productivity among employees.

4) Helps with Managing Social Media Accounts

Social media has become an essential part of any business’s marketing strategy. In order to keep the page interactive and attract a following, businesses create multiple social media accounts and use them to create activity in their pages. Using a dedicated proxy for each account ensures that these accounts are not banned.

5) Access to Restricted Websites

Using a proxy attached to a different location enables you to access geo-blocked sites. It makes market research possible through web scraping. You can collect competitors’ information, such as pricing, product offerings, and marketing strategies without alerting them. Similarly, you can gather information on market needs and give your business a competitive edge.


Every business stands to benefit from working with proxies. Although they may be costlier than shared proxies, they are worth it.

Dedicated proxies add a layer of protection to your network by masking the IP addresses of the devices in your system. They increase browsing speed and make it possible to carry out market research and access geo-blocked websites.

With a dedicated proxy assigned to each of your social media accounts, you can level up your digital marketing without the risk of account closure.

But you need to ensure that your source of proxies is a trusted and reliable vendor. Find one that can supply you with private proxies that have an integrated rotation mechanism to help you switch between IP addresses.