Dr.David Render brings TV Show ‘4Healing’ to remedy L.A. Chaos


As a result of the health pandemic COVID-19 crisis, Dr.David Render unveils a social holistic approach to the civil unrest. Within the beginning of the year, the world has gone topsy turvy. Job loss has been in over according to a new Pew Research Center analysis of government data. Job loss unemployment The time of December 2007 to June 2009, severely pushed the unemployment rate to a peak of 10.6% in 10.6% at the beginning of 2010. Housing and tension run high already concerning work and simple provision to sustain life with the high homelessness rate. Unemployment among all groups of workers impacted. An increase of Telework depending on education level, leaving people to scurry around in a frenzy. The unemployment rate of college graduates was nearly four times than of February 2020.

Dr.David Render shares the understanding very well watching the downturn of the economy mind, body, and soul. Sharing therapeutic sessions of healing,self-perception, breathing techniques, guided imagery, and education to various professionals and audiences on his program ‘4Healing’.

This Social Healing Holistic approach is needed especially now more than ever with the times we are living in. Dr.David shares, ” Fear has encamped people’s hearts and minds involving COVID-19, and racial civil unrest, the perception of homelessness has made people the trash of society, this is not right and has set in with various anxieties, traumas, depressions on so many levels. These sessions and treatment of counseling and prevention education to handle life’s absolute worst times.

My research over the years to bring allostatic impact holistically to people taking more shape in Los Angeles. I saw a lot of degrading, disingenuous unhealthy treatment and harassment added this important experience to my social research. Healing modalities and therapy can be scary for people. Much of the truth and deep-rooted problems come out bringing people to uncharted wholeness, especially when ready to sit down on this TV program. 4Healing definitely takes place.” Dr. David dynamically educates and brings a new dimension to people regarding Natural Health and Wellness, and Healing arts to the success of the total person and greater world impact.