How to Play Graph Games


We all love to play games like Racing, FPS, Arcade, etc. There are different types of are available for you to play but today we are here to introduce a different type of game named Graph Game.

Playing Graph Game Looks Like

First, you have to set the desired amount in a startup, and then after the game starts the odds increase from 1x along with the graph. Observing and pressing the stop button first before it forcibly ends. You Will win. However, please do so as to players who do not leave the game before it terminates will lose all.

Connection Lost In Graph Game 

During the game, the games will be automatically closed if your connection has been terminated but if the game is the progress you will get the dividend at the end.

Calculation Of Multiplayer for Each Game

Exaggeration calculation involves the following steps:

1. Insert a random number calculated by the program.

2.  Giving a 1% chance to immediately end the game.

3. The game terminates as stated in o the result calculated as stated in the random number.

The process is fully automated without any Outer intervention.

 Exchange rate Means

The rate at which the head office goal to make a profit among your games. The company aims for an amount of 0% to 1% of the amount as the exchange rate.

The company sets an expected exchange rate from 0% to 1%, but it depends on how you play. However, this game is played very fairly anyhow the company’s exchange rate. You can prove that fairness for each game.

The approximate formula for calculating the exchange rate is:
1% * (player’s expected dividend-winning) * (amount / player’s expected amount)

The thing you should keep in mind is that all games will terminate as soon as they begin with a 1% chance.
This point cannot be predicted or manipulated. However, this is something you need to be aware of in order to make a profit.

Maximum dividend?

There is no maximum dividend. However, if the total dividend of users during the game exceeds 3% of the total payout preparation prepared by the headquarters, the server automatically ends the game and pays all users playing up to that point according to the dividend at that time.

The maximum dividend per game can be found in the upper left corner of the graph chart.

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