What are my options for customizing bulk memory cards?


SD Card is a type of memory card usually used in digital cameras and other portable devices like Smartphones, Mobile Players, Etc. SD in SD Card stands for Secure Digital and the cards are oldest and very least used and have a limit of 2 GB Storage. The first-ever Memory Card had introduced by Fujio Masuoka in 1987. There are three types of main variants in memory cards family, SD, SD High Capacity (SDHC™), SD Extended Capacity (SDXC™).

Micro SD Memory Card perfectly made for being an accessory, with an external SD card adapter, and can be placed directly into a computer SD memory card slot, these bulk Micro SD also work with the camera, cell phone, 3D printer, Car DVR, Tablet, etc.

How Does SD Card work?

The SD Card is a solid-state device which means it has no moving parts when functioning. The SD Card includes flash memory inside of it.

Is Memory Card And SD Card Are Same?

Memory card is used to expand the storage capacity of mobile phones, SLRs, Dashcam, Drone, and the other electronic products. Normally we refer to the memory card as SD card.

How Long SD Card Life Is

Normally SD Card has a life of 5 years but some evidence describes sometimes they are more reliable sometime.’

SD Card Increases Your Storage

Android and Windows phones have MicroSD card slots, which helps you in increasing your storage. MicroSD memory cards are available up to 256GB -which is enough to store the data. Some latest Android smartphones can also save apps on the microSD card.

Options For Customizing Bulk Memory Cards 

Customizing Bulk Memory Cards means designing the bulk memory cards as per your choice.

  • Choosing The Color
  • Choosing The Capacity
  • Choosing The Quantity
  • Printing Your Brand Logo Or Image

You can do all customization as per your choice and you’ll also get virtual proof of your approval. As you know SD card is the most popular and important product widely used in the world in every field in our daily life. Talking about teachers and students, promotional SD cards are essential. They can store lessons as well as coursework and homework securely, and can be easily transferred, are easy to store in the user’s wallet or pocket.

All the customized memory cards and bulk memory flash are using original chips such as Samsung, Sandisk, Toshiba, Micron, Hynix, etc. Customizing your own memory card! means personalized and branded memory cards with your logo.

Custom Memory Card Sizes And Its Hold

  • 1GB = 286 photos
  • 2GB = 572 photos
  • 4GB = 1144 photos
  • 8GB = 2288 photos
  • 16GB = 4577 photos
  • 32GB = 9155 photos
  • 64GB = 18310 photos

SD Card Locked means the card is locked by on the left side of the SD card. When this lock is on you can’t able to modify or delete the data on the memory card if it is locked. How To Unlock SD Card? To know more about the Options For Customizing Bulk Memory Cards just click here www.hugdiy.com/micro-sd-card-c-10.