Complete Details on the Skills Tested for Microsoft AZ-500 Certification Exam


Do you want to know more about the Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer Associate certification? Apart from being an international accreditation, this credential will help you make a step further in your career. It represents a valid proof that you know how to handle Azure environments and manage different solutions to improve business processes. The necessary exam to get this associate level badge is AZ-500.

If you want to succeed in this exam, you should take a close look at its blueprint. From this document, you will get relevant details on the tested skills and what you can do to get in-depth knowledge of Azure related topics. Also, the test’s blueprint will show how much each topic weighs. So, what is waiting for you at the Microsoft AZ-500 exam?

Tested Skills During Microsoft AZ-500 Exam

The Microsoft AZ-500 test focuses on four major topics:

Now that you know which are the concepts on which you need to gain in-depth knowledge, let’s take them one by one and tell you more about them.

Topics Tested At the Exam

Almost a quarter of the total test’s questions are dedicated to identity and access management. You will discover more details about Azure security environments and understand how to configure different technologies.

The second topic weighs more than the first one, reaching almost 40%. Exam-takers will have to demonstrate that they gained in-depth knowledge of network and host security concepts. Also, you will become an expert in managing Azure Resource security and understand how to configure container security.

The third topic helps you understand how you can improve business processes by configuring and implementing different security policies. You will learn how to handle Azure log analytics and scan business systems to prevent threats and serious damages.

The last topic is dedicated to data and apps security. It is the second topic as weight. It will help you learn how to configure data encryption and how to implement security features for application delivery.

Do you wonder how you can cover all the topics and gain these skills? Training is the key.

Available Preparation Materials for AZ-500 Test

If you want to get a good passing score in the Microsoft AZ-500 exam, you should start by checking the Microsoft’s official webpage to discover which are the available training materials.

For example, you can start with the instructor-led training and learn from expert trainers on how to manage Azure infrastructure. Microsoft’s library is also a great source of materials that will complete your knowledge. You can finalize your preparation process with practice tests. They will help you get a clear overview of your preparedness level and help you decide on which topics you need to focus more on. In addition they will allow you to train in the exam-like environment and make you familiar with exam structuture, question types, thus making you more confident in your skills and knowedge.


The Microsoft AZ-500 test is necessary to get the Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer Associate certification. You can obtain it if you understand clearly what’s expected from you. Also, you should pay attention to the types of training materials you are going to use. Instructor-led training and practice tests are some of the most popular and effective among them.