#EPCG – best new mobile games of 2020 so far


Mobile gaming has always been popular, however with the advancements of technology and the ease of access to a number of great titles, gaming continues to increase in popularity on handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Naturally, with everyone having to remain indoors for an extended period of time due to the circumstances that the world finds itself in, playing games on mobiles will have only received a larger audience than before as many would have had extra time on their hands.

Therefore, the 2020 market for new games could have been a developer’s dream as the possibility of selling as many titles as possible may not have had a better chance than the current year.

A number of online casinos saw many new members join and play popular table games that they were unable to do at a physical establishment. Games such as live dealer blackjack were immensely popular, with more info for US players widely available to back up the rise in those numbers.

Here is a list of the best new mobile games of 2020 so far:

Company of Heroes

Company of Heroes may have been originally released in 2006 as a console game, however it has since been given a facelift and been produced for mobile gaming. Indeed, it is not hard to see why, though.

Company of Heroes has been one of the more popular Real-Time Strategy (RTS) series to have ever existed and there are a number of reasons as to why. The game provides players with a solid use of tactics, but also manages to combine that feature with a simple gameplay hook. The touch screen controls work, although there could be some improvement to the function as the double-click element can be a tad frustrating. The game looks and sounds excellent and offers up plenty of fun outside of the campaign, so it is an easy game to recommend if you are a RTS or WW2 aficionado.

PUBG Mobile

PUGB Mobile may have only recently been released across iOS and Android devices, however it has already staked a claim as one of the best games to have been released in 2020.

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG), has been designed exclusively for mobile and is available to players as a free-to-play game. Of course, in-app purchases are also available to further enhance the experience, however the game is still one of the best for those that do not like to spend any money.

The game is all about strategy as there are a number of intense multiplayer matches players can gear up for and compete in. Whether you want to compete in a 100-player classic battle, a 4v4 deathmatch or in the Zombie modes, there is plenty for users to get behind as they try and achieve the ultimate aim: being the last one standing!

Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride has been a timeless classic on mobile, with the game having been released in 2011, however 2020 has seen it receive an update we did not know we needed!

Providers Halfbrick have repackaged the game and included the Metal Slug series from SNK in a collaborative method, although it appears this is for a limited time. It has been detailed that the event is available from September 2, 2020 until September 23, 2020 in which players will be able to unlock special SNK game-themed suits, vehicles and jetpacks as a reward for achievements.

Indeed, players will need to be quick if they want to get their hands on the iconic ‘HEAVY MACHINE GUN!’