Challenge friends and family to an unforgettable game of Ludo 

Theme behind Ludo 

Is the corona life shackling you home, and boredom suffocating all your free time? Well, no longer! Presenting a famous childhood favorite in many Indian homes, this Ludo TheBoardGame game brings fun into your life with strategic and entertaining board gameplay. Ludo borrows concepts from Pachisi, billed by many as the “national game of India,” although summarizing the primary gameplay into a simpler format. Keep occupied with this 4-player game that gives you, family and friends, a good place to share laughs and connect over a beloved game. 

Features of Ludo

Ludo TheBoardGame is available for free on Android. You can play even without an internet connection in pass-and-play and single-player modes. You can look forward to the following features:

  • Link your account to social media for one-step login and progress saving
  • Single and multiplayer capabilities, incorporating 1 to 4 players per game. The pass-and-play system allows you to play with friends on one device 
  • Remote playability where you can share a match of Ludo with faraway friends
  • Two language options, namely Hindi and English
  • Many interesting modes to choose from. In online tournaments, you can win rewards such as diamonds that you can exchange for valuable vouchers. Coins are also up for grabs in the slot machine! 
  • Competitive leader-boards to bring out the best in you 
  • Voice chat and interactive emojis and stickers that ensure even far away players can have fun as if they were close together

How Ludo works

The game of Ludo entails completing a route around the board by rolls of the dice. There are four slots of different colors available, one for each different player. Gamers can only get their player tokens, of which each player has four pieces, by rolling a six; otherwise, the turn passes to the next person. The first player to get all four tokens around the board and into the center wins. You can play in single-player mode against the computer, or together with friends on the same device, or remotely with others through online tournament challenges. 

Why this Ludo Game isn’t like anything you’ve played before

This Ludo TheBoardGame is more than just about the board; it ensures a holistic experience that goes above and beyond with interactive emojis. You can laugh at friends when they make bad moves, and generally have the next best thing to physical presence when distance separates players. That is further aided by the real-time voice chat feature, where you can talk with players as the game is ongoing and also you can redeem the diamonds for a voucher from Amazon and Paytm.

When idleness sets it, show it the door with a fun-packed game of Ludo! Download it on the Google Playstore today! 

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