Dafran announces his return on Twitch


With an absolutely unexpected post, the famous Daniel ‘Dafran’ Francesca, former professional player of the Overwatch League , announced his imminent return to the Twitch streaming platform.

The announcement was made by Daniel Francesca himself , who from his Twitter profile made it known that during the weekend there will (most likely) be a live broadcast dedicated to Farming Simulator , and in the post he has attached the famous viral video ” turn up mufasa ”(which you will find below).

At the moment though, it’s not at all clear when the broadcast will actually kick-off, with the former OWL pro calling on all interested to keep an eye on notifications when the channel goes live. Another doubt is related to the content that the former professional of the scene will actually transmit, whether it will be Farming Simulator or something else, maybe a shooter, it is not yet known.

A definitely positive September therefore for Twitch, which after the recent return of Ninja among the ranks of the most important streamers of the platform, also rejoices in front of the latest announcement by Dafran, a streamer who will surely have direct immediately characterized by a high number of connected people.

Let’s just hope that this new commitment does not end with disqualifications and bans, as happened for Dafran just before summer 2020 when the player was ousted from all Solary events due to his behavior with the officers.

What do you think about the community?