Hearthstone: Masters Tour Montreal Day 1 results


End of Day 1 of the Masters Tour Online Montreal which, as the name already implies, is played entirely online from 6pm until 6am (US time).

Let’s start by saying that the first day is made up of 5 challenges and being able to win 3 guaranteed a place on the second day, which will start this afternoon.

Let’s say that the results of ours have been a bit fluctuating, a good part of them managed to qualify while the other part did not.

Bad news for example for Devilmat , From0tohero (both with 2 wins), IlBestio (1 win) and Thund3r (0 wins) who failed to qualify for the second day of the Master Tour, while there are still important hopes for Turna , SCACC  and cagnetta99 (all with 4 wins), but also for Gregoriusil , Pignas and Leta (all with 3 wins).

The Results of the Masters Tour of Montreal:

Now we just have to wait for today’s results and hope that as many players as possible from our community enter the Top 8 of the Masters Tour Online Montreal.

What do you think of these results? Let us know yours …