How different will the new Black OPS Cold War Warzone be?


There are now less than ten weeks to go until the highly anticipated release of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, and the questions and curiosities of the players in the community are only increasing day by day.

One of the main curiosities falls for example on Activision’s Battle Royale, or Warzone, a title that will obviously also be present in the next game of the Black Ops trend. Little or nothing has been said on the subject (at least until today), even if the CoD leaker TheLongSensation has recently published some small, but very precious, details precisely with respect to the presence of Warzone within Black Ops.

According to what was reported on Twitter, the new Warzone will be substantially identical to the current one, and no particular changes will be presented to the mechanics or gameplay of normal games. This news has partly reassured the players in love with Warzone, while it has partly disappointed those who believe that Call of Duty’s Battle Royale requires some interventions to its structure.

What will certainly change is the representation of Warzone, and the type of clothing and equipment that will be available. Being a game set more than 30 years ago, we will have weapons ( here you will find the first details on the upcoming weapons ), vehicles, and cosmetics that are better suited to the period of the Cold War and the final part of the so-called “short century” ( 1900, ed).

The developers seem to be working on a new map too, even if no other details have been released on the matter. However, there are still two months left, and there is therefore plenty of time for the developers to proceed with the creation of other content ready to land on Call of Duty with the arrival of the Cold War.