Shadowlands Special: Light on Tabards and Kyrian Mounts


Special Kyrian Mounts – From the beta of Shadowlands, the publication of new content continues incessantly, which in the coming weeks will finally be introduced on the live server along with the patch of the new expansion.

In this new update, we want to focus once again on the Covenants, and some of the rewards that will be available with them. For example, let’s talk about the new mounts that we can get with the Kyrian Congregation, or the Phalynx of Courage, the Eternal Phalynx of Courage, the Phalynx of Humility and the Eternal Phalynx of Humility and then also Phalynx of Loyalty and Phalynx of Puritywith the respective versions ” Eternal “. 

Here they are below in all their glory:

Kyrian mounts

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Eternal Courage


Eternal Humility


Eternal Loyalty


Eternal Purity


Also in the Beta, we also saw the new Tabards belonging to the covenants, as always available when we get exalted with one of the four.
Here they are below:

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Venthyr Covenant

Necrolord Covenant


Kyrian Covenant

Night Fae Covenant


As for the technical updates, there is an exploit thanks to which it would be possible to go from level 50 to level 60 in a matter of minutes. The glitch would be activated through impressive use of Mardum-Calibrated Balancer, very special items that serve to increase the experience obtained by a player.

The video of the glitch

At the moment it is not clear how the situation will evolve with respect to this small hitch, but as soon as it becomes available we will publish new and more detailed information.